The Technical

I have always been interested in the internet ever since I was nine-years old and my father brought home our first DIGITAL computer. And soon after that, we got AOL and I was on there constantly, building Geocities websites and sending out intricately designed AOL Newsletters. I was a very busy little pre-teen.

When I turned eighteen, my father bought me my first real domain (Gracewithin.org). I was ecstatic. That was the beginning of my love affair with web design and coding. Everything I have ever learned, I taught myself. It’s been a love/hate relationship, with many breaks in between, but I can’t help but always return to the glow of a computer screen, the click of the keyboard, and the pull of the “blog life”.

The Personal

I am a thirtysomething New-Englander-turned-Sunny-Floridian, married to a kiwi who I met on the internet (actually, via Livejournal, if you can believe it), and we live with a house full of animals (mostly cats. Six, at the moment). If you’re interested in seeing piles of obnoxious kitty pics, follow me on Instagram under @passionriot. I promise you I won’t (usually) disappoint.

I am passionate. About everything, really, but photography, animals, and web design, specifically. I freelance my work for small businesses to design and build WordPress sites, as well as photograph people and things.

I desperately want to be liked.