No More Funny Business

I forgot I had this domain, which amused me, considering the name. Also, how was this not even taken? I never had a problem with my maiden name, but suddenly I had a very ordinary surname with a crazily ordinary first name and I couldn’t get an original username/email address/anything without reaching down into my AIM-screen-naming bin. #FirstWorldFrustration

I had some older posts on here already… but I decided to do away with everything and start fresh. Because that’s why I do. Until I grow bored of it and forget about it for another year or so. I wish I could be like Erin and have the same awesome place and write all the time and be, you know, awesome. LINK AFFILIATES! (Hello Greymatter Blog Life).

This is probably making no sense to most of you. And I am rambling. As I tend to do.

So, no more names. No more catching sparks or fierce wild deep or skyspun random URL domain names that will end up in the internet trash bin after a week. I decided to keep my original name as the URL, use my initials as a logo (yes that is actually my initial signature) and just use someone else’s free WordPress template. Hoping that maybe this time it won’t get so old so quickly. That I won’t grow to hate the place because I spent so much time working on it.

Why am I coming back now?

Well, recently I hit a little bit of a low-point in my life. Again. And so therapy is back in my life, as well as some medication tweaking. And since I was never one to write in a journal like a normal person, I felt that maybe this can serve as a place for me to monitor my progress, or not, or just… let it out. I’m sure some of the upcoming posts will be “protected”, as we are now in the land of e-stalking, and although I don’t mind being open, I don’t want everything just floating around for prying eyes.

Let’s see how this goes.

2 thoughts on “No More Funny Business

    1. Aw, thank you love!! You have always been a constant inspiration to me. I need to start getting back into reading blogs that have substance again, too. I get so discouraged when I start trying to find people I can connect with in the “blog” community and it’s all the same crap.

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